The Art
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"Few, well programmed and precisely executed movements in a balanced sequence have the same value as hours of forced and approximate contorsions"

(Joseph Hubertus Pilates)

Heritage Pilates Studio is the first and only studio in Switzerland where the "Authentic Pilates by Inelia Garcia" is taught.

Pilates "Contrology" is a method thought and conceived by Joseph H. Pilates to develop strength, flexibility and to help maintain mind-body equilibrium to achieve a precise execution of movements.

"Mental and Physical conditioning is the art of controlling the body, mind and emotions during movement"

The method

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from 105 CHF

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from 70 CHF

Tower + high mat
from 55 CHF

Mixed packages
from 360 CHF

Family formula
From the second person forth, more discounts available on already discounted packages.

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The Studio

An exclusive and elegant environment, complete with all the "classical" hardware (Luxury line) that Joseph Pilates used to work on and to improve posture.


Owner, certified "Authentic Pilates by Inelia Garcia", after 30 years in the world of fitness, i get acquainted with pilates and develop a passion so strong that in 2016 i decide to start my journey in the world of "Pilates Classico".

The Teacher

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21-22 october 2023

Authentic Pilates Workshop

Teacher of the Teachers


@ Heritage Pilates Studio by Irene Menegazzo